Jover Scientech Sl (emerged from Quimica Jover, since 1991), is a catalan company with a huge experience and powerful team, deep knowledge and advanced R&D laboratory, that has been developing business mainly in the cosmetic field.

The main business areas of work are:


Jover Scientech’s mission is to help to improve people’s lives by means of skin-friendly products and top-quality solutions, always with respect of the environment  and looking for new ways of sustainable sources.

Quality Policy (ISO9001)

Fully consistent and aligned to our mission, our commitment is to provide top quality  products  and excellent technical support to our customers through:

  • Offering new advanced solutions to the customers.
  • Monitoring and Investing in human resources and expertise needed from strategy and product development research and concept, sourcing, production  and quality.
  • Monitoring and Investing in research technologies, lab. infrastructures and programs needed from strategy and product development research and concept, sourcing, production and quality.
  • Pursuing ever-improving quality through programs that enable each employee to do their job in the most right way and optimum conditions.
  • Customer service continuous improvement  actions: assistance , service, supply.
  • Continuous improvement in quality management system  in accordance  ISO9001 requirements.
  • Commitment in complying the legal requirements of our industry worldwide.


R&D innovation Laboratory to validate new ingredient creations and support customers providing most advanced formulae concepts in line with current market trends.

Development & Production

Development and production of advanced preservative systems and emollients for the worldwide market.


Distribution of high-tech actives and functional ingredients of pioneer brands in Spain and Portugal.
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Distribution of Innovative equipment for R&D and Quality laboratories in Spain and Portugal.
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